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Dasara Helpline Dial
+91-99008 01675, 99008 04061


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Mr. Chandra Mohan,
Dasara Procession Tickets for 21.10.2007 : Rs. 1000 and Rs. 250/- :: Tickets available at
  • Mysore City Corporation
    Contact Person -
    Smt. Sudha - PRO
    Phone : 0821-2418807, Mobile : +91-98451 88659
  • MUDA
    Contact Person -
    Sri. Yogesh - Secretary
    Phone : 0821.2421629 (Extension : 262)
    Mobile : +91-94496 79294
  • KSRTC - Rural Bus Stand
    Contact Person -
    Sri. Venkatesh
    Mobile : +91-94490 62789
  • DC Office
    Contact Person :
    Miss.  Reshma
    Phone :
    +91-99008 01675, 99008 04061
  • Mysore Palace
    Contact Person - Sri. Nagaraj
    Phone : 0821-2434425
    Mobile : +91-93418 34020
  • Town Hall
    Contact Person - Sri. Raju
    Phone : 0821-2418820
  • Golden Throne kept for display upto 31.10.2007

    The throne carved out of fig wood, according to historians.
    The golden umbrella has festoons and the base has a tortoise seat.
    The reassembling of the throne takes two days.
    It is reassembled amid religious rituals.
    It is considered as the pride of the Wodeyars.

    Golden Throne or Chinnada Simhasana or Ratna Simahasana in Kannada is the magnificent royal seat of the rulers of the Kingdom of Mysore.

    The Throne
    The Throne comprises a main seat, steps leading to the main seat, and a golden umbrella over the main seat. The throne is carved out of figwood and decorated with ivory plaques. It was embellished with jewelery, gold, precious stones and silver figurines. The balustrades of the steps leading to the seat are embellished with female figures. The four sides of the throne are decorated with creepers. There are elephants on the east, horses on the south, soldiers on the west and chariots on the north. Brahma in the south, Maheshwara in the north and Vishnu in the centre are the trinities who bless the throne.

    The "slokas," which are engraved on the rim of the umbrella, are addressed to the Krishnaraja Wadiyar III and refers to his ancestors from whom the throne has come down from generations of kings. A rough translation of a "sloka" describes Krishnaraja Wadiyar as "Lord of the Earth" and son of the illustrious Chamaraja, who is resplendent with the blessings of Goddess Chamundeshwari. "... You are the Lord of Karnataka Ratna Simhasana... and this golden umbrella of the golden throne, which you have inherited from your illustrious ancestors, evokes the awe of the whole world."

    The history of the remarkable throne is exciting. According to one tradition, the throne belonged to the Pandavas of Mahabharata fame and was in Hastinapura. Kampilaraya brought this throne from Hastinapura to Penugonda, now in Andhra Pradesh, where it was kept underground. However, in 1336 AD, Vidyaranya, the royal preceptor of the Vijayanagar kings, showed the spot where it was buried to Harihara I, one of the founders of the Vijayanagar empire, who retrieved the throne. This auspicious throne was then used by the Vijayanagar kings at Anegondi for more than a century and a half. During the early part of the 17th century the Governor of Vijayanagar rulers at Srirangapatna obtained this and brought it there, the records said. In 1609, the ailing governor Srirangaraya made over this throne to Raja Wodeyar. In 1610, Raja Wodeyar ascended the throne with pomp and pageantry and inaugurated the Dasara festivities. He further enjoined that his descendants should eternally continue these festivities, the records point out. But, epigraphical evidence shows that this royal throne was in the possession of Chikkadevaraya Wodeyar in 1699.
  • Witness an elephant procession stretching across centuries
    The grandeur of the 10-day Mysore Dasara is meant to take you back in time.  To an era of Royal pagentry.  Horseman and elephant cavalry.  Music and dance.  All lasting long into the night, with the enchanting Mysore Palace as the backdrop.  This Dasara, take a trip to Mysore and make a little voyage in time as well.

    Events Schedule
    Cultural Programmes at Mysore Palace, Srirangapatna, Somanathapura, Nanjangud, Jaganmohan Palace, Town Hall, Veena Sheshanna Bhavan, Kalamandir, Navaratri Programme, Sports, Yuva Dasara, Poetry recital, Air Show, Food Festival, Horticultural Show, Pet Animal Show, Film Festival, Heritage Walk.  Vijaya Dashmi Procession / Jumbo Savari and  Torch Light Parade on 21.10.2007

  • Car rally on 21.10.2007 - Vintage touch to Dasara Procession
    Wolseley, Delage, Lanchester, Jaguar, Ford, Mercedes, Chevrolet, Desoto, Dodge, austin, Morris, Citroen, Oldest car 1909 model Wolseley previously owned by Majaraja of Cooch Behar, Oldest Motorcycle 1934 model Harley Davidson. 
    This rally will flag off at 1.30 pm on 21.10.2007 by Director General of Police
  • Dasara Programs for 21.10.2007

    World famous Dasara Procession : Starts at 1.35 pm from Mysore Palace

    Torch Light Parade
    : Starts at 6.30 pm at Bannimantap

  • 24 Hour Helpline manned by the Police for the benefit of tourists.

    Traffic during Dasara -
    In order to make vehicular movement smooth during Dasara, the City Police have introduced some traffic curbs.

    Buses to Suburban Bus Stand
    KSRTC buses coming from Bangalore to Suburban Bus Stand should proceed on Ring Road, Mahadevapura Road junction, Gandhi Nagar, Kalikamba Temple, Karnataka Police Academy Road and reach Suburban Bus Stand.

    On return journey, they will take the route of Suburban Bus Stand, Five Lights Circle, Karnataka Police Academy Road and take a left turn at Mahadevapura Road to join Ring Road.

    KSRTC buses from Bangalore to Nanjanagud
    should proceed on Ring Road, Bannur Road junction, Teresian College junction, Lalitha Mahal Road, Mysore Race Club Road, Lorry Terminal Road and Bangalore-Nilgiri Road to reach Nanjanagud.

    Buses from Suburban Bus Stand to Nanjanagud should proceed through Chatrimara, Chennaiah Circle, Mirza Circle, Mysore Race Club Road, Lorry Terminal Road to Nanjanagud.

    Buses from Kanakapura and Bannur side coming to Suburban Bus Stand should proceed on Teresian College junction, Nazarbad Circle, SP's Office Circle, Karnataka Police Academy Road to reach Suburban Bus Stand.

    Buses bound for Kanakapura and Bannur should proceed through Chatrimara, Sandesh Hotel, Chennaiah Circle, Mirza Circle, Irani Circle and Teresian College junction.

    Buses from Nanjangud to Suburban Bus Stand should turn left on Nanjangud Road towards Lorry Terminal across Harish-chandra Road and continue towards Boulevard Circle, SP’s office Circle, Karnataka Police Academy and reach Suburban Bus Stand.

    Buses from Hunsur should turn right after Kalamandira, proceed towards Bogadi Road junction through Kautilya Circle, Boulevard circle, Chamaraja Double Road, Ramaswamy Circle, RTO Circle, MG Road, Mysore Race Club, Zoo, Lokaranjan Mahal Road, Hardinge Circle to reach Suburban bus stand.

    On return journey they should take the route of Chatrimara, Chennaiah Circle, Mirza Circle, Mysore Race Club, Lorry Terminal Road, Bangalore-Nilgiri Road, Gun House Circle, Railway under-bridge near Saraswathipuram, Fire Brigade, Govt. Press, Bogadi Ring Road junction through Hinkal Ring Road junction and proceed towards Hunsur.

    Buses from H.D.Kote to Suburban Bus Stand should pass through Manandavadi Road, Nanjumalige, Siddappa Square, MG Road, Mysore Race Club, Zoo, Lokaranjan Mahal Road, Hardinge Circle to reach Sub-urban Bus Stand.

    While returning they will take the route of Chatrimara, Chennaiah Circle, Mirza Circle, Mysore Race Club, Lorry Terminal Road, Bangalore-Nilgiri Road, Gun House Circle, Ramaswamy Circle, Srinivasa Circle and towards H.D.Kote through Manadavadi Road.

    Buses from Suburban bus stand to KRS should take the route of City Corporation, Pathashala Circle, Chamaraja Double Road, Ramaswamy Circle, Fire Brigade, Government Press, Bogadi Road, Manasagangothri Open Air Theatre, Hunsur Road towards BEML and Mandya National Paper Mills.

    Private buses

    Private buses from T. Narasipur, Nanjanagud and Chamarajanagar will be stopped at the eastern side of Regency Theatre on Lokaranjan Mahal Road, instead of allowing them upto the private bus stand on Sayyaji Rao Road near old RMC Circle. During this period, they will pick and drop passengers near Regency Theatre.
  • Illumination Special Lights
    Special lamps are being  used to illuminate trees from Hardinge Circle to Statue Circle.  Illumination form Hardinge Circle to Tersian College Circle, Chamaraja Wadiyar Circle to Fountain Circle and the entire Ashoka Road has been specially done to brighten up the surroundings.

    Streets around the Palace and Jagan Mohan Palace are also part of the illumination package.

    Commercial establishments, hotels and shops are also illuminating their premises.
  • Mysore Brands at Dasara Exhibition

    There will be a separate lane to sell Mysore Brands like Mysore Sandal Soap, Mysore Mallige (Jasmine), Mysore Silk, Nanjangud Rasabale and other Mysore items.

  • “Vijayanagar Vaibhava”, a sound and light show conducted at Hampi, will be held at the Oval Ground to underline the cultural connection between Mysore and Vijayanagar as the rulers of Mysore carried forward the tradition of Vijayanagar rulers. The sound and light show will be held daily at the Oval Ground opposite the Crawford Hall from October 14 to 22.
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