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Dasara Helpline Dial
+91-99008 01675, 99008 04061

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Dasara Frequently Asked Questions

Program Contact
VIP Gold Card Tickets
Mr. Chandra Mohan,
Dasara Procession Tickets for 21.10.2007 : Rs. 1000 and Rs. 250/- :: Tickets available at
  • Mysore City Corporation
    Contact Person -
    Smt. Sudha - PRO
    Phone : 0821-2418807, Mobile : +91-98451 88659
  • MUDA
    Contact Person -
    Sri. Yogesh - Secretary
    Phone : 0821.2421629 (Extension : 262)
    Mobile : +91-94496 79294
  • KSRTC - Rural Bus Stand
    Contact Person -
    Sri. Venkatesh
    Mobile : +91-94490 62789
  • DC Office
    Contact Person :
    Miss.  Reshma
    Phone :
    +91-99008 01675, 99008 04061
  • Mysore Palace
    Contact Person - Sri. Nagaraj
    Phone : 0821-2434425
    Mobile : +91-93418 34020
  • Town Hall
    Contact Person - Sri. Raju
    Phone : 0821-2418820
  1. Whom to contact if I have any question
    Dasara Helpline Dial +91-99008 01675, 99008 04061
  2. What is Mysore Dasara
    Dasara is the Nadahabba of the state of Karnataka. It is also called as Navaratri (Nava-ratri = nine-nights) and is a 10-day festival with the last day being Vijayadashami, the most auspicious day of Dasara.
  3. What is Mysore famous for
    Mysore is famous for silk sarees (Mysore Silk), Sandalwood carvings and the many varities of perfumed incense sticks. Mysore's market places can be a good place to start, like Ashoka Road, Sayyaji Rao Road and for a mix of Western and Indian traditional shopping head to Devaraj Urs Road. To experience one of India's best markets head to Devaraja Market where tourists and locals alike shop for daily fruit and vegetables as well as the rows and rows of flowers and various spices. Devaraja market is on Dhanwanthri Road.
  4. I am planning to come to Mysore, what are the various modes of transportation available
    By Train
    Mysore Junction is the city's main station, and there are daily trains plying the route between Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Thanjavur as well as smaller and lesser known Indian cities.
    By bus
    Mysore has intra-city, inter-city and suburban public bus transportation.  Buses run every 5 minutes on the Bangalore route, and there is a choice of both A/C and non-A/C vehicles. During the weekends, these buses are often full, so it is advisable to reserve a seat in advance.
    By Car
    Mysore and Bangalore have a direct road connection, but be warned about driving in India, which is especially dangerous at night because of speeding trucks. The 4 lane expressway between Bangalore and Mysore is now complete, and allows the 140 km journey to be covered in about 2.5 hours.
    By Plane
    The nearest domestic and international airport is Bangalore airport (130km from Mysore)  Mysore Airport is currently non-operational.
  5. Contact Phone number of Deputy Commissioner's Office
    Phone : 0821.2422302
  6. Contact details for Foreigner Registration and Visa Extension Office
    Office of the Police Commissioner, Nazarbad, Phone : 0821.2564252
    Office of the Superintendent of Police, Jalpura, Phone : 0821.2441551

  7. Contact Number for the bus services available in Mysore City
    KSRTC City Bus Stand - 0821 - 2424995
    KSRTC Reservation  0821 - 2425819 / Mobile +91-9980915215
    KSRTC Bus Stand   0821 - 2443490
    KSRTC Counter  0821 - 2423652
    Rural / Suburban Bus Stand   0821 - 2520853
  8. What should I do about hotel accommodation and transportation.
    Several hotels are within walking distance and also there is a facility of Home Stay
  9. What food is available
    Veg or Non Veg food is available at various restaurants in the City.
  10. How to get around in the city.
    Getting around in Mysore is cheaper than most Indian cities.
    • Auto Rickshaws - Usually go by the meter, there are also pre paid auto stands at the bus stands  Minimum fare is 14.00 Rs.

    • Tourist Cabs - Are the best choice in case you want to tour the city all day or visit nearby places.

    • Jhutka Gaadis (Horse drawn carriages)  are available in Mysore.  One of the few remaining vestiges of the old pre-independance Mysore. A Jhutka stand exists in the railway station, bus stand etc. It is a feeling of Heritage Ride in Mysore, when the city is illuminated at the evenings.

  11. What is the cost of a Ticket which has all the facilities of a VIP
    Gold Card : Rs. 6000 per Gold Card.  Entry for 2 + 1
  12. I am with the Press. Can I attend for free.
    For more information on this please call Mr. Prakash at +91-9448489195
  13. What events are free with the Dasara VIP Card
  14. What are the nearest hotels to the events
    Most of the events happen in the heart of the city and all the hotels are at the walking distance
  15. When will the tickets be available
    Its already available and for more information please call  +91-99008 01675,
    99008 04061
  16. Place where the tickets for Mysore Dasara are sold
    Dasara Gold Card VIP Tickets please contact Mr. Chandra Mohan,
    Dasara Procession Tickets are sold at
    DC Office, KSRTC Bus Stand, Suburban Bus Stand, MUDA, Mysore City Corporation, Mysore Palace North and South Gates, Hotel Hoysala

  17. Is there any parking facility
    Yes, most of the places where events are held there is a separate place for parking
  18. How is the seating arranged
    Seating is arranged and numbered
  19. What is the difference between the regular tickets and with Gold Card Ticket
    Regular Tickets will have only entrance for a particular event only.
    Gold Card Tickets will have a separate seating arrangement with all
    VIP Facilities

  20. Will there be any a waiting list once the tickets are sold out
  21. Is there any age limit for the attendees
  22. When do the programs mostly take place
    In the Evenings, please refer
    Events link

  23. How many Cellular Phone Operators are in Mysore
    GSM :
    BSNL, Airtel, Hutch, Spice
    CDMA :
    Reliance, Tata Indicom
    Land Lines :BSNL, Airtel, Reliance, Tata Indicom

  24. Where can I get Event Program Information in Mysore
    Event Programs will be available at Information centres  and also please call  +91-99008 01675,  99008 04061 for more information.
  25. Is there any event in the morning
    Yes, Heritage Walk of Mysore which starts at
  26. What should I bring
    Water Bottle for drinking more information can be collected from
    +91-99008 01675,  99008 04061
  27. There is supposed to be updated information on a certain webpage, but it does not  seem to be there
    Please refresh your Explorer or reload, more information
    please call +91-98450 01658

  28. I was not able to attend the event, can I get information
    Yes, please contact in charge of the Event
  29. Can I take pictures or videos of the event
  30. Can I bring my video camera/camcorder into the concert arena
  31. Can I bring my iPod?
    Mp3 players are permitted.
  32. What are the Cultural Art forms participating in the Procession

    • Nandi Dhwaja

    • Veeragase

    • Nadaswara

    • Cannon Carriages

    • Suggi Kunita

    • Pooja Kunita

    • Kolata

    • Pata Kunita

    • Huli Vesha

    • Karade Manjalu

    • Kamsale

    • Dollu Kunita

    • Kellu Kudure (Kudure Kuniha)

    • Zhanj Pathak

    • Hejje Kunita

  33. What is the highlight of Mysore Dasara
    Dasara Procession held on the Vijayadashami, the tenth day.  It is led by caparisoned elephants carrying an idol of goodess Chamundeshwari seated in a golden howday (elephant seat). 

  34. From where the procession starts
    Procession wends its way from the Majaraja's Palace to the torch light parade ground.  The procession then returns to the palace.

  35. As soon as the procession over then what is the next program
    After the Dasara Procession, at the Bannimantap Grounds Torch Light Parade Starts at 6.30 pm on 21.10.2007




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