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Chamundi Hill

Timings, Entrance Fee and Contact
7.00 am to 2.00 pm and
3.30 pm to 9.00 pm
Entrance :  Free
Phone : 0821 - 2590027


Perched atop a hill 13km outside Mysore city, and 12the century Dravidian temple dedicated to
Chamundershwari, the tutelary deity of Mysore and of here royal house, generally regarded as an incarnation of Paravathi or Durga.  One account claims that the goddess slew two demons, Chanda and Munda,
so winning for herself a name combined of both, but the more usually accepted version speaks of her as Chamundi - Mahishasura - Mardini, the slayer of minotaur.
She is therefore the household deity of the town named in (Maheshapura) commemoration Mahisha (buffalo), uru (town) her image on the hill bestrides a lion, and has twenty hands.  It is said that Raja Wodeyar (about 1600 AD) intended to build a gopura, and for that purpose erected four large pillar posts, which were removed when the present gopura was built by Krishnaraja Wodeyar III.  He built the gopura with golden finials, and set up statues of himself and his 3 queens in the presence of the goddess.  In 1827 he made arrangements for festivals and processions.  In 1843 he presented the simhavahana and other cars.

The Sacred Bull

Half a top of the hill you may reach the bull in few minutes. Fashioned says the legend, in one night out hte the basalt of the hill, this recumbent colossal Nandi gigantic 25 ft long and 4.8 meter (16 ft) tall monolith of Nandi (sacred vehicle of Lord Shiva) was a gift to Dodda Deva Raja. Adorned with ropes, chains, bells and jewels of stone, the bull with half shut eyes which seem, in yogic fashion is a marvel to watch.

Also close to the temple stands a gigantic statues of the demon Mahishasura.  The hill gets its name from the Goddess Kali or Chamundi, the consort of Shiva and she is the family deity of the Maharajas of Mysore.

The Chamundeswari Temple is a fine quadrangular structure with a high 'gopuram' (tower) and 'dwara' (entrance) which is a visible landmark from many miles. 'Mahishasura' was killed by Goddess 'Chamundi' and hence she was given the name 'Mahishasura Mardhini'. The Goddess is seated on a lion, killing the buffalo-headed demon with her trident.

The hills is 3,489 ft, above the sea level and is 12 Km from Mysore City.  An energetic visitor will be well repaid by climbing up the 1000 steps, fashioned about 300 years ago, and a good motorable road leads to the top of the hill. 

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